Meet the new XPOS App, for customers using XPOS Version 2.

A first of its kind in golf retail, the XPOS App replaces the original XAPP app developed in 2016, which introduced use of a smart phone to complete stocktakes in golf shops.

Until now, when retailers received a delivery of stock items, they first had to be taken to the till to be scanned.  Such is the busy life of the golf professional, that boxes were often left lying around the shop floor while the pro completed a multitude of other tasks.  Without the need for a nearby till, the XPOS App delivers time-saving benefits: enabling the retailer to stock in anywhere, without having to put products onto shelves straight away.

Just open the box, scan and go.  App users can even sell products online before they hit the shop floor.

“The App was designed to take the hassle out of stocking in and stocktaking." says the App's product manager, Henry King, "App users will find it a far more convenient way to take deliveries. It speeds up the whole process, is simple to set-up and there are no limits to the number of staff that can use it”.



As well as the new stocking in area, the 2-in-1 App has also revamped its stocktaking functionality: making it faster and easier to start a stocktake within the App itself.

The App is linked to the shop’s sales system, XPOS, which immediately updates new stock information during the process, ensuring accurate product details for better reporting.

Download the XPOS V2 App from 1st March in the App Store and Google Play. First time users will need to log in with their Hub login details and check out our Getting Started page beforehand.   (If V2 users haven't yet created a login to the Hub, go to hub.crossovertec.co.uk).