Boost the profits from your bar and restaurant

Boost the profits from your bar and restaurant

XBAR is our electronic point of sale system for bars and restaurants. Specifically designed to increase loyalty and manage stock it also has all the features you need to boost your operation’s performance and improve your bottom line.

“Through our entire customer journey, the Crossover Technologies customer service team has been very accommodating. I call them on a frequent basis to learn how we can develop the business using the tools they can provide and they are always more than helpful.”

Alison Bottrill, Director - Shirley Golf Club

Simple to set up, simple to use

Moving to XBAR is easy. We’ll install it for you and provide you with expert onsite training that leaves you ready and raring to go. We’ll even help enter your stock items into XBAR as part of the process.

Once you are up and running you will find our unique Sales screen is easy to configure and maintain.

Provide an improved customer experience

Simplify your customers’ experience by sharing your customer database across the site, linking XBAR with your shop’s XPOS system. You can then choose to operate one account between locations or keep them separate. Either way, you’ll stop duplication and make it much easier for the customer who now only needs one card!

Improve Customer Loyalty

XBAR also enables you to offer your customers a range of % and £ discounts and to run points based loyalty schemes that help you to encourage repeat business and increase sales and profits.

Safe and secure

You’ll have all the security you’d expect from Crossover Technologies’ software: staff have separate logins and can quickly and securely log on using their own Dallas Keys. Separate logins enhance your reporting and help you monitor and manage team members’ performance.

There’s even full security within the reporting section, ensuring that end of day cashing up is a smooth and easy, yet secure process.

Stock management made simple

Stock management is an often neglected task for Bars and Restaurants. Get it right however and you enjoy better profits and cash flow. XBAR is designed to make good stock management as easy as possible.

XBAR helps you maintain real time, up-to-date stock records and makes it easy to do the regular stocktakes needed to ensure your stock data and reporting are accurate.

XBAR’s easy-to-understand reports give you the information you need to make sound business decisions and successfully manage your stock, improve stock turn and avoid issues such as stock outs, dead stock and excess stock.