Customer happiness at your fingertips

Xmail lets you send friendly, personalised emails to delight your customers, at the click of a button. Guaranteed to give them that warm, happy feeling, Xmail’s automated emails are based on previous purchases, ensuring intuitive, relevant communication to help drive foot fall to the shop, build customer loyalty, and ultimately, increase sales.

Installed as a simple add-on to Xpos, your sales and stock management system, Xmail knows what your customers want - guaranteeing personal offers, invitations and thank-you’s, direct from the pro shop.

“Xmail prompts me to email customers after a hardware purchase, to come in 12 months later to use our regripping service. I also use it to invite them to Demo Days. I’ve had some great feedback and people seem to really appreciate it. It's an easy, affordable way to keep in touch and encourage customers to return to the shop.”

Tony Mealing, Director, Golfinc Ltd at The Kendleshire Golf Club, Bristol

Pro-active customer service

Imagine being able to thank customers for making a high-value purchase in the pro shop; or, remembering to email them when the warranty for their Footjoy shoes is about to expire. For busy retailers, this just isn’t feasible.  Xmail makes it possible.

Put simply, Xmail is about sending thoughtful, relevant messages to customers, at the right time. What’s more, all this happens automatically, based on purchase triggers decided by you.

Build customer relationships

Customers who have previously bought from your store, are, in theory, ‘sales-ready’ to buy again. Xmail gives customers a reasons to come back: with thoughtful news, timely offers, or relevant invitations.

A thank you note immediately after a high-value purchase, will guarantee to give customers a warm, fuzzy feeling.  After that, Xmail keeps the momentum going, with personalised emails to showcase additional products and services offered by you.

Enjoy increased revenue

Xmail is about keeping customers coming back to the pro shop, building deeper relationships and long-term customer loyalty. It’s marketing at your fingertips.

Keeping in touch with customers through automated emails helps to maintain the customer relationship, ultimately leading to repeat purchases.  Use Xmail to cultivate first-time customers by informing them of other products and services you provide, inviting them to events, or sending them special offers.

Nurture your customers and they will grow to love you.

Easy set-up and user-friendly

The genius of Xmail lies in its simplicity. Xmail emails are plain text HTML: with no fancy images, or graphics, that could look like Spam. They are warm, informal, and what’s more, they’re directly from you.

Getting started couldn’t be simpler and can even be done over the phone. We’ll introduce you to a queue of already-written emails that you can approve; and we’ll help you personalise your campaigns with your own email signature and logo.

What’s more, our customer service team is always on-hand for advice and suggestions.