Xpos Online



Our talented development teams are currently working on our biggest project ever: to deliver your Xpos solutions entirely in the cloud.

Not only will taking Xpos online be the best way to future-proof your business, but it will also deliver far greater efficiencies, as well. More streamlined processes, time-saving solutions and innovative new features to bring your customers closer to the shop are just a few of the benefits to look forward to.

A completely cloud-based system is just around the corner and, in the meantime, you can already enjoy a host of online features in the Xpos Hub to help run your shop business.

The Xpos Hub


Designed to make life for busy retailers easier, more efficient and more profitable, the Hub is your first stop to manage many of your Xpos features.  What’s more, because the Hub is online, you can access all of this anywhere, and on any device:

  • Get a real-time view of shop success with your personalised Performance Dashboard
  • Keep your finger on the pulse, wherever you are, with user-friendly reports
  • Set up and manage your shop’s Xcaddie app
  • Sell and manage gift vouchers and club competitions
  • Improve your Xpos skills with access to a huge range of training and support content
  • Create and manage Xmail, your customer email communication service
  • Manage your database in the easy-to-use Customers area

Performance Dashboard

It’s not just us who’s striving to constantly improve, but we’re helping you to do the same. That’s why the new Performance Dashboard compares today’s sales with last year’s figures: highlighting today’s performance in red, amber or green.

Using last year as a benchmark enables you to identify gaps and should prompt you to look for areas of improvement, if appropriate.

Reports in the Cloud

“Maximum sales from minimum stock” should be the mantra of all good retailers, while the key to a successful shop business is the use of accurate reports.  So much more than the bog-standard sales or stock reports, there are around 20 essential reports available in the Hub to help you make the best decisions.

Our new-look, slimmed down Xpos reports help you to focus on what’s important, with more flexibility and interactive options.

Vouchers and Competitions

When it comes to running a pro shop, we know our onions. We also know that many of our customers use us because Xpos is built specifically for golf retailers, like you.

Since the launch of Xpos V2, managing vouchers and golf comps is now, officially, a doddle. We’ve created a more intuitive system, faster sales process, digital receipts and user-friendly reporting to help you keep your golfers and shop customers happy.

Xcaddie app

FREE for customers who pay for their Xpos solutions monthly, the Xcaddie app helps retailers to increase revenue and build customer loyalty.

Any Member with an email address in your database who downloads the app will automatically be connected to your pro shop. They’ll be able to view images, prices and descriptions of stock in store, and reserve items for collection. Perfect for busy retailers, Members can also check and top up their account balance, book golf lessons, and receive notifications directly from you.


Retail businesses are increasingly using databases to manage their customer relationships, increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

With your shop database now in the Hub, Xpos retailers can enjoy the convenience of being able to quickly view top line information such as email, and account balance, and even add and edit customer details.

Help and Training

Get the most out of your Xpos solutions and become a system whizz. Visit the Knowledge Centre in the Hub for seasonal retail advice, your shop’s essential reports and up to date guides.

From learning how to search for a product or process a return, to discovering how to sell and manage a Two’s Comp, there’s a helpful guide for every aspect of your Xpos solution.