The Xpos App


Enjoy Till-Free Deliveries

The Xpos App is an exciting new app enabling retailers to stock in anywhere, without the need for a nearby till or having to put products onto shelves beforehand. Just open the box, scan and go.

App users can even sell products in their Xcaddie app, or online, before they hit the shop floor.

Faster, More Accurate Stock Taking

Ditch the paperwork!  Stock control is lightning fast when you sync the Xpos App with a mobile barcode scanner and simply scan products as you walk around the shop.  It’s quick, secure and takes the hassle out of this essential retail task.

The app is linked to the shop’s sales system, Xpos, which instantly updates new stock information during the stock take, ensuring accurate product details and better reporting.

“The Xpos App is excellent for smaller stocktakes because staff can quickly and easily access the app on their phones. It’s a lot better than the old fashioned paper method to keep track of the stock, which always ended up with too many lost pages and it cuts down on time massively.”

David Fulcher, Director of Golf - Edgbaston Golf Club

Better data, better reporting and better profits

When a job's difficult, it's easy to make mistakes, or to put off doing it. The Xpos App will transform the way you work: removing these pitfalls and clearing the way for easier and more accurate stocktakes, and convenient stocking in of deliveries. It also ensures your business has accurate data so you can make the right decisions for a more efficient, more profitable operation.

Technology you can rely upon

The app's data collection system, means you have nothing to fear from a low battery, an incoming call or any other distraction. Your data is instantly saved onto your phone’s memory, so if something comes up, you can take a break and resume exactly where you left off - with no loss of data.

No more disruption!

The Xpos App frees you up from using paper stock sheets and manual entry so there's no need to shift stock around the shop and cause high levels of disruption. The app doesn’t even need to be connected to the internet whilst you scan, so you have no constraints. Scan anywhere and upload back to Xpos when you're done.

Get more from Xpos

The Xpos App has been designed to work seamlessly with Xpos and Xcodes. Its intuitive design means everyone can get to grips with it quickly and the interface with Xpos is simple. This is one stock management tool you won't want to be without.

Save Time with our Bluetooth Scanner

Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice

Makes those stocktakes even faster and more accurate by linking your smartphone  to our barcode scanner for maximum results. Whatever the size of your retail business, the next generation Bluetooth barcode scanner will save you hours of admin time on those all-essential regular stocktakes.

Even faster scanning

Link your phone to our next generation Bluetooth scanner for maximum results, and lightening speed. The compact, lightweight scanner benefits from a 50cm scanning range and 14-hour battery life.  With no limits on the number of staff that can use app, it’s actually rather fun.

Scan with multiple users

Use the Bluetooth scanner to share stocktakes with a colleague, enabling more than one person to do a stocktake at the same time. Once the stocktake is performed as you move around the shop using your new scanner and phone, you can upload it seamlessly into Xpos.

The Xpos App is available for both Android and Apple phones