“It’s Been an Incredible Success!”

head pga pro at the kendleshire tony mealing talks about shop success with XPOS caddie app


"I'm up nearly 100% on last February!" 

It’s been one month since we last caught up with the Head PGA Professional at The Kendleshire Golf Club, Tony Mealing, and this week, he got back in touch to update us on progress with his shop’s XPOS Caddie app.

The Caddie app is keeping me really busy during lockdown 3 – I hope other golf retailers recognise just how powerful it is.

It’s been an incredible success! Thanks to the app, I’m up nearly 100% on last February. Admittedly, the weather was awful last February but I can see how the app is going to be able to keep my business going throughout future years, whatever the weather brings us.

During the first lockdown I didn’t make any sales.  I didn’t have a way to sell anything. But, having the app now means my pro shop is always there and always open.


Fringe Benefits

It’s interesting how the app has led to other improvements, too.  For example, I used to always have a sale rail in the shop but I’ve boxed up the sale items now so they're out of the way. The sale products are all on my XPOS Caddie app so if someone sees them in the app and wants to reserve them, I can just get them out for collection.  This has freed up space in the shop and means I can introduce newer stock in its place.

People want to buy from their pro shop rather than online, but they also want the best price.  They know us and can expect great service, but they also know we’re here if something goes wrong with the item.  In the past, I don’t think a lot of members would have asked me for a price on something and would have been more comfortable just buying it online if they thought it would be cheaper.  Members can now use the app to see that we’re the same price as our online competitors and most would rather buy through me.  We price match, too, and I think people are happier to email me through the app to ask for a price match, rather than do this face to face in the shop.

We are seeing sales from people who don’t normally buy hardware from us and I can see more loyalty to the shop already, as well, with customers coming back to purchase additional items - getting ready for the new season.

Last week a customer reserved some items via the app but called me to see if I could drop it to his house as he knows it is on my way home. When I was there, he asked if I had some shoes in a certain size and I was able to check there and then by looking at my shop’s app.  I am now delivering them to him tomorrow, along with a Sim2 driver and a hybrid!  It really is a fantastic new tool for my business. It’s taken us to another level and made me think differently about my business.


Record Recruitment!

I’ve been really pushing recruitment of users for the app and I’ve done this in mainly 2 ways. Firstly, when I get any new stock into the shop, I announce it on my social platforms and always include a link to download the app.  I’ve been relentless on my social platforms – publishing 2-3 times a day, but it pays off.

In addition, the Club’s weekly newsletter always includes a feature about the app and the link is always on there.

Half of our membership has now downloaded the app – over 300 people – not bad for a closed shop. I’m aiming to get most members on there by the end of the season.  XPOS has sent me some A5 posters to put around the shop with a QR code on them which I’ve also situated by the till. They’ll make downloading the app really easy for members.

The app really has taken my business to another level.