XMAIL Launch is Today!!


It's Monday 3rd September and TODAY is the official launch of XMAIL, a drip mail marketing service, for our customers, that's going to increase footfall to their retail stores, and deepen customer loyalty.

Big claims? You bet.

Fantastic product? Absolutely.

Developed by our awesome in-house team of architects and software developers, XMAIL is designed to work in line with XPOS, (if you don't already know, that's our market-leading EPOS and business management software). XMAIL is a form of drip mail marketing, which differs from bog-standard email campaigns as it's based on purchases made by the customer: ensuring timely, relevant and thoughtful emails.

It's ridiculously simple to set up and use, and is guaranteed to strengthen customer loyalty. http://bit.ly/dripXMAIL for more info or to sign-up.