Increased Profits for Mendip Golf Club


Thank you to Head PGA Pro Stuart Disney, for helping us to spread the word about XMAIL, our integrated email service. It's just a simple add-on to XPOS but Stuart believes the personal, timely automated emails are encouraging more and more customers to return to the shop.

XMAIL emails are based on purchases previously made by your customers, ensuring relevant, personal and timely communication. An email could be a simple 'thank-you', or a 'thank-you' combined with some shoe care advice. XMAIL emails don't aim to sell to the customer. Rather, the thoughtful nature of the communication helps you to build a natural, deeper relationship with your customers, centred around products they're interested in.

"One customer recently bought a couple of clubs from me, and subsequently received the automatic thank you email we'd set up", said Stuart. "He later came back for the hybrid, then the 5 wood and then a fifth club. After each sale he received a thank you email, and he never quibbled on price."

Why does Stuart think XMAIL works so well? "I think it's because you're putting yourself in front of people continually, so they're more likely to remember you, remember the experience they had in your shop, and are more likely to feel loyal to you".

What's more, for only £15.00 per month, XMAIL is ridiculously good value. Go to our XMAIL product page for more information, or get in touch with us at