Why Your Members Will Love XPOS Caddie

Why will your Members love the XPOS Caddie app?

  • They'll be able to see their account balance and payment history. As a result, many Members are proactively paying off their balances, spending credit via the Reserve & Collect feature and topping up their balance ✔
  • Customers can receive pro shop news and events, written and sent by you at the push of a button ✔
  • Members will love your new 24 hour online shop. One Head Pro reported a Member even buying a pair of trousers at 3am. It's a great way to make money in your sleep! ✔
  • The handy Reserve & Collect service means customers needn't miss out on items they want to buy ✔
  • Members can browse through the My Pro Shop area for more information about your products and services, find out more about their Professional team and have your contact information in their pocket  ✔

Signing up is easy. Just visit here for more information and to register your pro shop.