Vouchers and Competitions V2 are Here!

XPOS launches digital voucher benefits


We've been busy making BIG changes to the way our retailers can sell and manage vouchers and competitions.  With an all-round better user experience, more intuitive system, faster sales process, digital receipts and essential user-friendly reporting, XPOS V2 is bringing you even better value with this fantastic new feature.

The main differences that previous XPOS V1 customers will enjoy is being able to sell vouchers through the sales screen and redeem multiple vouchers in one sale.  XPOS customers using Version 2 of our software can conveniently set up and manage Vouchers and Competitions in the online Hub, from any browser on any device.



  • Multiple vouchers can be redeemed in one sale
  • Third party vouchers enables you to redeem vouchers in XPOS and receive payment for them at a later date. Examples of these are GUI vouchers, club vouchers for competitions
  • Retailers can set minimum and maximum voucher values
  • A single voucher can now be tracked and spent across each shop in your Multisite group
  • Shop customers can choose from 3 types of main voucher:
  1. Digital - the voucher can be emailed direct to the customer with a personalised message. (For retailers signed up to XMAIL).
  2. Receipt - print a voucher receipt and code
  3. Custom - assign a unique voucher number and/or barcode to the voucher when sold



  • Retailers can now set up different admission types for competitions (eg; member or non-member)
  • Allocate separate admin fee trackable for competitions
  • Allocate multiple prizes simultaneously:  split by account transfers and/or vouchers



It takes just 10 minutes to update your software remotely with our expert team. Click the CHAT button on our website or email support@crossovertec.co.uk.

Please note that any vouchers in debit cannot be migrated to the new voucher system. Therefore, please ensure all necessary debit vouchers are balanced first – the migration will remove any vouchers in debit if you wish to simply clear them from your XPOS system.