The Rise and Rise of Click and Collect


During Covid-19 lockdowns, consumers were forced to try out new shopping methods in order to get hold of essentials. This was especially true of older demographics who had additional safety concerns and were less happy spending time inside shops.  From the start of the pandemic, there was a huge shift towards online shopping across general retail. And, while Click and Collect was already well-established in the UK, it swiftly became an essential channel for both retailers and consumers.

"90% consumers using Click & Collect will continue to do so post pandemic"

When online delivery companies struggled to keep up with demand during the pandemic, Click and Collect became the most reliable method of receiving goods.  According to industry experts, Click and Collect is now set to overtake in-store shopping, as well as online deliveries, which could provide huge opportunities for golf retailers with a physical store presence.

Click and Collect appears to be the growing trend with no sign of waning in popularity as we move towards a ‘new normal’.  Consumers have become established in new shopping habits, enjoying the benefits of a new fast, efficient and convenient channel.


Five Reasons your Golfers Love Click and Collect


  1. Reduced shipping costs

Cost savings attributed to collecting items in store, rather than having them delivered, is the number one reason consumers use Click and Collect.


  1. Speed of fulfilment

As we return to work, expectations of a swift receipt of goods will remain, and experts predict consumers will soon come to expect delivery times to become even faster: with 1-hour Click and Collect services becoming the norm.


  1. Assurance

Industry specialist, Phil Barnard, suggests 2 of the biggest challenges with online shopping is assuring fit and accuracy of physical product attributes: “Completing the purchase in-store allows customers to inspect the product and return it there and then if it isn’t right”.


  1. Convenience

Consumers that shop online want to shop in their own time and they need to know the product is in store before they go and get it. David Twizell, Head Pro at Whitley Bay Golf Club, who adopted the XPOS Caddie app over a year ago, reports “making sales in my sleep”.


  1. Interaction

Golfers still want to interact with their pro shop, but how they interact is changing. As your customers rely more and more on omni-channel services, understanding their motivations is key to your success.


A Window to your Shop

“If you need proof that physical retail is important to customers despite the rise of online, then Click and Collect is it”, says XPOS Business Development Director Mark Hopkins. “There’s an assumption among many golf retailers, that your customers know what you have in stock because they come into your shop several times a week. However, they’re usually just picking up a score card or buying a snack for their round. Are they actually browsing your products?”

"20,000 golfers are already using the XPOS Caddie app to browse pro shop stock".

“As humans, we like repetition. We’re creatures of habit and it doesn’t involve looking around a shop when we’re focussed on how we’re going to play that day”, continues Mark.

So, if your customers aren’t making purchasing decisions when they visit the pro shop, when are they?  Retailers should be offering alternative options so golfers can browse the pro shop stock at a time which may be more convenient for them.


Apps Vs E-Commerce Sites

As most golf retailers do not have a large network of stores offering pickup locations, your Click and Collect target market will be your existing customers – your members and visitors. With this in mind, the key consideration is how to provide the service and convenience that customers want, but through your single, local store.

Historically, the only option was to create an e-commerce site to display and sell your products. However, high build costs combined with the amount of time needed to keep stock up to date on the site, makes this an unviable option for the smaller retailer.

"If you need proof that physical retail is important to customers despite the rise of online, the Click and Collect is it" - Mark Hopkins

The XPOS Caddie app allows retailers to offer a “Reserve & Collect in store” solution to users without the work of running an e-commerce site.  The app was created to meet ever-increasing consumer demands, such as 1-hour collect service and provides many benefits over a website, including an easier, faster and more convenient experience. The app also delivers additional functions that work offline.

A key advantage of the XPOS Caddie app is the integration of XPOS’s centralised product database. This provides all the information of products held in stock, including descriptions and images, which upload automatically and with little effort on the part of the busy golf retailer.

Investment in digital capabilities will enable retailers to step up to meet these evolving consumer demands, and for those that do embrace these new challenges, the benefits will be huge.


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