The Power of Brand Champions


Despite great talent internally and, in our case, (not wanting to brag, but) a genuinely awesome product, without brand champions, do we really know where our business would be? Here, Mark Hopkins talks about our own business advocates, and how XMAIL is helping to create more brand champions for our users. 


Fortunately, we're doing pretty well at the moment. Thanks to a talented development team, we have a great product. We also have brilliant sales people; fast, friendly customer support staff, and a customer-focussed approach to driving the company forward.

It goes without saying that we'd be nowhere without our customers. We really wouldn't. And neither would you, of course. But, actually, I'm not talking about the people who just use our sales and stock management solution, XPOS, I'm referring to the advocates: the customers who tell their friends about us, support us on social media, or who might take part in an interview for our marketing efforts.

These are the people who've had such a good experience with our system and service, that they're willing to shout about it. They are our brand champions, and, whilst we are lucky to have quite a few, what's even better, is if we can give our customers a product that helps THEM to create champions for THEIR business, too.

XMAIL is doing just that.

"A few years ago, I sold a customer a set of clubs in my pro shop," said Stuart Disney, recent adoptee of XMAIL and Fellow PGA Pro at the Mendip Golf Club, "Some weeks later, he was in the shop again, and pulled me up on the fact that I hadn't asked him how he was getting on with the clubs. The customer had every right to be a bit miffed, and I made a mental note to get better at following up with customers. But life just gets in the way. Like every Pro, I'm really busy with lessons, staying on top of stock, meetings, and staff training, and so the really important things, such as customers, fall by the wayside".



"When Crossover told me about XMAIL, it was like a light bulb moment. We've been collecting customer data at the point of sale for a few years, so we had a good starting point. I've been using XMAIL now for some weeks and I'm delighted with it", Stuart continues.

"We've had excellent feedback from customers, who've commented on the wonderful, personal touch. One customer even said it was the finest email communication he's 'ever had'! I don't know about that, but I do know it is helping to bring customers back to the shop, and I've definitely seen an increase in sales".

"I truly believe XMAIL will increase business by 15%, or more".

"XMAIL enables us to engage with customers more, and continues the relationship after a sale. One customer came in for custom fitting and bought some clubs. He later received an (XMAIL) email from me to thank him for his purchase, and offer further help if he ever needed it. The customer replied with a lovely response, and called up a couple of weeks later, to let us know how he was getting on. Now, that customer was from a neighboring club but we've got this wonderful rapport with him now, and he's telling all his friends about my shop".

"Another customer came in to buy a second pair of spikes, after receiving a thank-you email from me. I truly believe that XMAIL will increase business by 15%, or more".

Now he's up and running with XMAIL, Stuart has handed over the baton to his Head Assistant, who, in Stuart's words is "making it rock!".

"That customer was from a neighboring club but we've got this wonderful rapport with him now, and he's telling all his friends about my shop".

"We aren't a huge store, but I've always valued the personal touch in my business. I encourage my staff to totally engage with the customer, so they learn their names and what they buy from us. When you manage to get the engagement, people love it. XMAIL is making sure we achieve that."

Talk to Mark about  XMAIL on 01454 418395