The Personal Touch with XMAIL

Getting the most out of Crossover's sales and stock management system, XPOS, is vital, and there aren’t many people better at it than the team from Woking Pro Shop.

Crossover sales manager Matt Peace, enjoyed a great visit this week with Head PGA Pro Carl Bianco, who runs the pro shop.  Said Matt, "After months of development, it's great to now be able to talk to customers like Carl about XMAIL, our innovative new marketing tool, designed specifically for XPOS customers".

XMAIL triggers personal, bespoke emails based on customer purchases, and similar campaigns are proven to increase footfall by minimum 15%: A great way to retain customers and build customer loyalty.

"We've had a great response from everyone we've spoken to about it and it's exciting to see customers now starting to trial it for us", continues Matt. "XMAIL is going to be big. Watch this space!"