The Future of A.I. and Golf Retail

June Pro Shop AI for retail

Article by Mark Hopkins


The Retail Technology Show is an annual pilgrimage for me. Bringing together leading tech developers and forward-thinking retailers, the event provides insights into the new tech soon to be elevating retail businesses. It’s an opportunity to see how these advancements could improve pro shop businesses and look at ways we can incorporate new solutions into our strategy for Xpos.

This year, it was all about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the new tech being designed to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence.

Is that a ‘Gulp’ I hear?

Seeing some of the advanced AI in action at the show was mind-blowing and it’s easy to see how AI will continue to revolutionise the way we work.  On the other hand, there are concerns about jobs that could be lost.

When it comes to golf retail, however, I believe golf retailers can be hopeful.


Exceptional customer service

In the pro shop, the customer is King, (or Queen), and, when it comes to excellent service, AI will open up a new world.

AI can interpret your sales data with a human-like response. It knows what your customers like, what they want to buy and their golf level. As a result, it will be able to deliver a fantastic experience when golfers open their apps, with personalised suggestions, special offers and tailored messages


Time-saving, automated communications

For busy golf professionals, AI will be the perfect assistant. When you don’t have time to follow up on a sale or communicate with golfers, AI can be used to tailor the perfect message with a friendly approach that’s relevant to them


Interpreting business data 

Running a successful shop requires attention to the detail. AI will be used to analyse your sales data for you and provide automated interpretations in an easy-to-understand format


Irreplaceable, personal customer experience

Robotic ‘waiters’ at the show were great fun. However, no AI-programmed tool can offer the same service as a pro shop assistant who helps a golfer find a perfectly-fitting glove, chats about clubhouse events over a shoe fitting, or helps to improve your game with a fantastic custom fitting session.

The future of AI is exciting and it’s important to embrace the positives, rather than fear the technology making its way to you.


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