The 4 S’s to Reopen for Retail


With the turmoil and upheaval of the past few months, it can be hard to know where to focus as we return to a new way of working.  Your priority list is here as we get back to basics with a definitive list of 4 key areas that you should be putting all your efforts into this month.



Tight inventory management is essential to running a great retail business.  As general good practice, we’d always recommend small, regular stocktakes at least once a week to break up the task and give you the best view of the business.  This approach also ensures your reports are accurate and helps you make the best decisions going forward. HOWEVER, it’s been a few months since you had customers through the door so a thorough stocktake, before the shop reopens, is vital to help you appreciate exactly how things look.

Shortly before lockdown, we launched the new XPOS App so, if you haven’t done so already, download it for super-fast, accurate stocktaking using your smartphone or Bluetooth barcode scanner.



One customer believes he saves 2 days a month using the XPOS App so don’t miss out on its time-saving and convenience benefits, especially when your time is in such demand right now.



Managing staff during the pandemic has been a learning curve for most employers. However, now that measures are being loosened, Pro’s are un-furloughing staff members and bringing them back to the shop.

Don’t miss out on sales in the shop if you’re tied up with coaching or marketing.  There’s a ton of work to do before the shop opens and you could think about additional roles for some team members, which might really help you out.  Do you have anyone who’s a social media whizz or a dab hand on Mailchimp? Maybe they’d like to take over your customer communications to free up some of your time?

Ensure staff are fully briefed on the government guidelines for opening the shop and how the shop has been adapted to keep customers, and staff, safe.



“Comms is key”, and never more so than right now.  Utilise your social platforms, newsletters, email and even telephone customers to let them know when you are opening and what they can expect when they come back to the shop.  Use your communication channels to create a buzz about the shop’s reopening and get members excited with sneak peaks inside the store, snapshots of new ranges or the new coffee machine, and promotional deals/bundling offers.

Let them know what you’ve been doing during lock down. Have you been redecorating the shop? And make sure they know which staff members will be around to greet them.

Now that the till will be ringing again, it’s time to reactivate your XMAIL campaigns to keep customers coming back to the shop.


4.  SELL 

It’s likely you have some excess stock hanging around after 2 months of a closed shop, and your instincts might be telling you to discount your stock, or run a clearance sale.  It’s worth noting that countries which opened up after the Coronavirus lockdown earlier than the UK, are now seeing a great revival in the game of golf with increased membership and retail sales booming.

Stay positive and be patient.  There’s every chance your customers will have money to spend and will still want to make the most of the season, and that includes investing in new kit. There are a good 2 months of the season ahead so discounting your prices too early could seriously affect your bottom line.

Sit tight and see what happens over the next month and remember, your loyal customers will want to support you.



During lock down many Pro’s started discovered the benefits of offering a Call and Collect service so customers could speak to the pro shop team and place an order for collection. This is still ideal for members who might be nervous about entering a retail environment so include this in your pro shop communication and give those till sales a boost.