Set Up your Shopify Account with XPOS

set up a shopify account with xpos


What is Shopify?

It is an eCommerce platform that our customers can sign up to create an online shop to display and sell products.  More info here


How much does Shopify cost?

Shopify is normally $29, so around £22 per month, paid directly to Shopify.


Why do I need an interface with XPOS?

To get the most out of an eCommerce site, you’ll need to link it with your XPOS sales and stock system.  The XPOS interface will make sure that what you’re showcasing on line matches what you have in the system and keep everything connected and up to date.  The link will also import products and capture sales – essential for a seamless service.


How much is the interface with XPOS?

The interface with Shopify is £15 for golf retailers in a buying group and £18 for independents.


Is it worth setting up a Shopify account?

The Shopify proposition will really enhance your customer offer and can help to build your brand.  Many of our customers set up a Shopify account during lock down, while bricks and mortar shops were unable to sell products.  It’s a great way to show customers what you have available for sale in the shop

BEFORE SETTING UP A SHOPIFY ACCOUNT, PLEASE REMEMBER YOU WILL NEED TO SPEAK TO YOUR BRANDS AND SUPPLIERS TO FIND OUT THEIR RULES FOR ONLINE COMMERCE, even if you just plan to offer Click and Collect as they may  have strict guidelines around how their products are sold.  Some will be happy for you to sell directly online, whereas in other cases, you may be able to show the product, but customers will have to email you if they are interested.


Where do I start?

If you’d like to go ahead, we are asking our customers to speak to the team at XPOS in the first instance, so we can set up the account for you.  We’ll make sure the link is set up to import products and capture sales, and check it’s all running tickety boo before handing the site over to you to run.

Coming direct to us, rather than Shopify, won’t make a difference to you – the price is the same – but it just means we can ensure the link with XPOS is in place at the front end. This helps to avoid complications later on.   Please get in touch via our CHAT button on the website, or email


What if a customer has already set up a Shopify account?


  1. If you’ve JUST set up the site on a basic level, or played around,  it may be easier and quicker to let us set up a new shop for you.  If you’ve made changes to Shopify themes we can usually transfer these to your new shop.
  2. A retrospective link can be tricky and the amount of work involved on our side depends on how much you’ve done thus far.

If you’ve completed a small amount and added a few products, we’ll probably ask you to let us open a new account for you, as mentioned in 1.

If you’ve had the account a while and/or have added a lot of products with images and descriptions, have already made sales and have a presence on Google search engines, understandably you may want to keep your existing shop.   We can link it back to XPOS but it will require some investigation to match ranges, sales and variants.   We’ll do our best to keep this as simple as possible but it will likely incur a small charge to cover the cost of this extra work.


Are there any other eCommerce sites we can link with?

Yes, we can help you with other eCommerce requirements. Please talk to us.

For further queries please contact us via the CHAT button on our website or email

Thank you!