Running a Retail Business Needn’t be a Stress


With tee time bookings, running club competitions, motivating staff, managing a retail business and coaching members just a few of your daily responsibilities, no one could say role of a golf professional isn't demanding. What's more, many golf professionals are also dealing with pressure from their Club and the regular threat of the removal of their retainer, adding further uncertainty.

So what can you do to protect yourself?   "In every instance, having a good retail business is critical", says retail expert Mark Hopkins.  "I've worked with pro's who believe that if they focus on managing tee times and competitions, they'll stay in favour with the Club, but experience shows that you also have to have a good looking, clean, well run shop".

If you don't have a passion for retail, running a shop can seem overwhelming, but a little focus at the beginning will lead to great rewards later on.

"the pro shop is your key to long term security and you CAN make it work with just a few key rules."

You may not have factored in the retail side of the role when planning a career in golf, but the pro shop is your key to long term security and you CAN make it work with just a few key rules.  Retail should never be the millstone around your neck and it's essential to make that mental shift from feeling you HAVE to have a shop, to WANTING to run a successful business.

"If you have a pro shop and are ignoring it, you may think you're saving money, but in reality, you could be wasting thousands of pounds", says Mark, "What's more, offering poor, old stock to your members will only give the Club another reason to get rid of you if they're struggling. Trust me, the shop won’t go away – you have to deal with it."

If you’re running your shop well and efficiently, it needn't be a stress.

If you're running your shop well and efficiently, it needn't be a stress.  Join us on 21st November at the PGA Training Academy for a one-day CPD to focus your mind and give you a clear path to retail success. During the day, Mark Hopkins and Advanced PGA Pro David Fulcher, will show you how to empower your staff and free up your time to do the jobs you want to do.

Imagine a whole year where you don't have to worry about how much money is coming into the business, or what money is going out. And a whole year where you are making intelligent, confident decisions and feeling entirely in control of your business.

At the workshop, we'll help you to plan for a clear and profitable year next year.  And afterwards, we guarantee you'll leave feeling less stressed, organised and more confident. Let us help you get rid of the millstone and put cash in the bank.

Join us on 21st November 2019 for the third 3 Steps to Retail Glory. A sell-out success last year, and run by retail experts, Mark Hopkins and David Fulcher.  £42 Link to PGA sign up