Cloud Solutions Built for Sports Retail

Over the last 20 years, the fantastic time-saving features in Xpos have helped thousands of golf professionals to make more money and run better retail businesses.

Now, with our move to a completely cloud-based system, our customers will benefit from even greater efficiencies and integrations designed to streamline your business and boost profits.

Cloud Benefits

Product Magic

Xpos in the cloud brings with it an enhanced version of our unique product database.  There's improved content, including images and descriptions, plus, refined search filters enabling you to hide products you don’t stock.

Your Pro Shop in their Pocket

Put your pro shop in their pocket with this exciting new app.  Your customers will see a real-time view of their account balance, top up balances, book golf lessons and enjoy 24/7 convenient access to shop stock via the automated Reserve & Collect area.

Faster Stock Control

Xapp transforms your phone into a barcode scanner for convenient stock in and stocktaking on any mobile device, as well as faster, more accurate stocktaking.  We’ve revamped our original stocktaking app to work seamlessly with your new cloud-based Xpos.

Customer Happiness at your Fingertips

Wow your shop customers with personalised, timely emails direct from their pro shop. Xmail’s automated emails are based on previous purchases, ensuring intuitive, relevant communication to help drive footfall and build customer loyalty.

The Integrated Payment Solution

Our integrated payment solution helps to eliminate errors at the till, saving the average pro shop around £2,000 a year. Save time with instant, one-click split payments to other accounts within the business.

Accounting Link

We’ve created a new interface between Xpos and Xero.  Linking your accounting software to Xpos enables you to export 100% of sales data and ensures your business remains MTD compliant. It also saves your accountant time and, thus, saves you money!

Your Upgrade Path

Your New Package



No. of Concurrent Users 1 1
Support: 5 Day
Xero Link
Xpert Managers App
Price (Buying Group) £70 £95


From April 2024, we'll no longer be able to support Version 1 of Xpos, nor will we be updating the V1 software.

Our goal is to upgrade ALL existing Xpos customers to the cloud by the end of 2024, with V1 users as the first priority.

Customer Data:
We’ll migrate your customer information (ie names and details) along with your current customer balances. We won’t be able to migrate the history of that balance. However, you’ll have access to historical data like that.

While our recommendation would be to start afresh with your product data, we can transfer the large majority of your existing product information to the cloud. (There may be the occasional manually-created product that we’ll have to create again but we’ll be able to see what hasn’t transferred over). We’ll migrate your current stock level but won’t be able to carry across any history, including stock movements and sales history.

We’ll make sure you have access to your current copy of Xpos should you need to access any of this data.

If you wish to start from scratch with your product data, we’ll use Xcodes to repopulate your products area. The benefit of this is that your product codes and information will be accurate and in line with industry-standard data.

We should be able to use your existing hardware including your receipt printer, scanner and till drawer.

Your PC needs to be a 64-bit machine and, as long as you have the latest version of your chosen browser, then your new Xpos system should also be okay to run.

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