New Territory at Bruntsfield Sports


It's exciting times for Bruntsfield Sports, the family-run business that's a bit of an institution in the Edinburgh community. Not only has Bruntsfield expanded into a second shop over the last 2 years, but it's shortly to go online: taking the bold leap into eCommerce.

Crossover is delighted to be part of that journey, as owner, Greg Nicolson, has recently installed XPOS and XCODES into both of his current stores.  "Before we met Crossover at the STAG Buying Show, we'd only ever used a regular cash til. I've got big plans to expand and as a business, we're really excited about taking the shop online soon," says Greg.

"I chose the XPOS system because I want to take the business to the next level. I need good control of stock; easy , accurate and fast stock creation, and stock taking; and to be able to run regular reports so I can track what's happening across both my shops".

"In the past, if we needed to know if the other shop stocks a certain item, we had to call them up. Very often, the phone might be busy so you're keeping the customer waiting. With XPOS we can check stock levels across all our sites immediately.

"I also needed an epos system that could integrate my eCommerce with my shops. I'm really looking forward to using XPOS to take the business forward".

As Crossover introduces XPOS to more and more general sports retail businesses, it's great to be part of this exciting journey for the team at Bruntsfield Sports. Watch this space!!!