Our New Retail Video Series Starts Today: STOCK LEVELS


In the first episode of Retail Lab,  Jules, chats to industry experts, XPOS founder Phil Barnard and Business Development Director, Mark Hopkins, about the hottest topic in the golf sector at the moment - STOCK LEVELS.

Put the kettle, sit back and watch for a great understanding of the market, category insights and fantastic advice to help retailers get back on track.


When you've got too much stock, what should you do? ✔

Stock numbers in comparison to 2020 ✔

Category insights ✔

Why you shouldn't cut your prices ✔

How to involve the pro shop team ✔

Marketing ✔

Reports to check to make more informed decisions ✔

Working with brands ✔


We hope you enjoy it and if you have any suggestions for subsequent episodes, please let us know.