May Golf Shop: Smart Selling


Now a month into the main UK golf season, your products are on display, your prices are set, and the shop is benefitting from new merchandising and a fresh layout. With all that in place, your focus for the next few months is selling.

Hopefully, you will have set a financial target for the year. We’d usually recommend this is around 7% increase in profit on the year before.  It’s a manageable goal and one that takes into account external factors, such as inflation and cost prices.

With your targets for the business in place, work backwards to decide how to hit them.  Focussing your efforts and involving the team will give you the best chance of success.


Margin Matters

If you’re wondering where to start, Xpos can help.  Use your Products Statistics Report to identify the products with the highest margin.  Ensure the shop team is aware of which products generate the highest profit, and discuss how you might be able to up-sell these items over the season.


Identify Needs

It helps to identify a ‘need’, or potential problem, among shop customers. For example, if it’s hot outside, ask customers if they’re okay for water.  Or, in wet weather, did they know you now stock rain gloves?

It’s a mind-blowing fact but if you sold an extra glove for every fifth sale, you’d add £7,000 to your profit at the end of the year. Customers aren’t always aware of items that may help them and suggestions from expert shop staff will be perceived as helpful, rather than hard selling.


Try New Things

During your busiest sales period, it pays to move things up a gear.

On average, it takes seven “touches” before a customer decides to make a purchase. These are moments when they encounter your brand, or a product, and it pays to be proactive with emails, notifications via your Xpos Caddie app, social media, coaching or conversations in the shop.

  • Dip your toe in social media. If it isn’t your thing, there may be a willing member of the shop team who can highlight stock you want to promote via engaging posts and Reels
  • Use personalised emails. Generic emails will only resonate with a small percentage of your customers so think about a more targeted approach.
  • Set up a team meeting to discuss stock you wish to focus on and agree a ‘selling plan’ for the week.


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