The XPOS Caddie app is the go-to for golfers to stay in touch with your  pro shop, wherever they are!

The key to a successful launch is to try to generate as much ‘buzz’ and excitement as possible.  The best way to do this is to use every channel available to you and run your launch campaign over a period of time.  A single tweet and a Facebook post won’t go very far on their own so we've put together some marketing tools and tips to help you to plan.

Read our dedicated marketing page for great tips on recruiting members and shop customers to download the app, and find hints to make sure they keep coming back.



XPOS Caddie requires users to login with the email address you hold for them.

When it comes to recruiting members to download the XPOS Caddie app, many Pro shops have enjoyed great success when promoting the app via the Club's weekly newsletter. Just be aware that your Club's database may have more up to date email addresses than your shop database, in which case you might get a lot of Members contacting you to find out why they can't connect with the Pro shop on the app.

It's a great way to clean-up your database but be prepared for some work to update email addresses if necessary.

TIP: You can now edit customer emails address in the online Hub so you can do this this anywhere, on any device.

If you're worried about the quantity, or quality, of your customer emails in XPOS, please email us here and we'll try to help.


When it comes to launching your new XPOS Caddie app, we have designed and written an email for you to use when emailing your member base. Please just email jules.appleby@crossovertec.co.uk and we'll send some templates to you.


Twitter might be great to stay in touch with other golf professionals, or to follow industry news, but Facebook and Instagram are likely to be where your customers spend their time.

Focus on one or 2 platforms and do them well.  ALWAYS INCLUDE A CALL TO ACTION in your posts - In this case, the link to download the XPOS Caddie app :



A Facebook post will disappear from the newsfeed after 5 hours so think carefully about timings, and don’t hesitate to run the same post every day, or twice in the same day.  Use Facebook Stories to be a bit more creative and keep a post live for 24 hours.

Established hashtags, such as #MondayMotivation, #TuesdayTip or #FridayFeeling, work well on Facebook. Think about combining one of these with your own Proshop hashtag or #XPOScaddie to be part of the conversations around the new app.


Here are some images for you to use on Facebook which will help to capture the attention of your audience. These sizes also work on Twitter and LinkedIn. Click the images below to download.


A video or photo in your Instagram Story will disappear within 24 hours so don’t forget to save it to your feed if it’s something you want to keep.  If posting to your newsfeed, experts recommend 11 hashtags for optimum reach and impact.

Include a range of large and small hashtags in your posts, such as #golfersofinstagram and #golflife along with your shop,  or local hashtags.


Here are some images for you to use on Instagram which will help to capture the attention of your audience.


Where possible, publish the link https://hub.crossovertec.co.uk/account/getapp  in your email communications to encourage customers to download the app and get started.

You could also use the images we’ve provided for your social media marketing in your emails to customers and Members.


We will send you an A5 leaflet featuring a QR code for customers and Members to scan.  This will enable them to download the XPOS Caddie app straight away.

We’d recommend pinning the leaflet next to the till.

You can also download this QR code image to your phone camera roll and Members and shop customers can scan it directly from there.


At first, XPOS Caddie will be new for your users and they may need some encouragement to keep using it.

Here are some suggestions to keep up engagement and ensure Members are frequently returning to the app to browse your online store.

Regular Communication

Include regular reminders about the features and benefits within the app in your social posts and newsletters.  Change the messages on a regular basis so users aren’t seeing the same suggestions time and time again.

Content suggestions for emails and social posts include:

  • Announcing a new product range in the shop
  • Posting a photo of the first person to collect an order from the shop each month. Many Members will be happy to help you to promote the app
  • Account balance reminders, including checking statements and topping up balances
  • Direct users to a new video in the My Pro Shop area with fantastic tips to improve your short game!  Changing this video regularly will help to tell your shop story and build your brand

In-App Notifications

Visit the Communication tab in the left-hand navigation bar in the Hub.  From here it’s easy to send an SMS text message to everyone who has downloaded your XPOS Caddie app.

As with all communication, try not to be seen as spammy by messaging people too regularly.  Your Members will be grateful to hear about events, product launches, an upcoming clearance sale, competition winners or account balance reminders, but will soon be fed up with regular updates that aren’t relevant to the pro shop.

This is currently a basic feature in the XPOS Caddie app but we do have big plans to make the notifications more intuitive in the near future.

Ongoing Recruitment

Be sure to continue with your recruitment drive, posting and including links to download the app in your emails and socials.


The app was designed as a hub for your pro shop community - a great way for Members and shop customers to stay in touch with you.  Make sure the whole shop team is on board with recruiting new users and marketing to them.  Everyone who walks through the door should be directed to download the app and should be aware of its benefits.

If you have any queries about marketing your XPOS Caddie app, or would like more suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact jules.appleby@crossovertec.co.uk, who’ll be delighted to help you.

This is just the start of the journey for XPOS Caddie

With more exciting features on their way, we are sure this will be a fantastic dimension to your shop business and we are delighted to have you on board.