Lockdown 3 Important Advice for XPOS Users


Following the announcement of a new lockdown across large parts of the UK, we are urging all XPOS customers to follow 4 simple steps:

Step 1. Please take home your Terminal 1 PC If you will be unable to return to your place of work during Lockdown, then we would highly recommend you to take home your Terminal 1 PC.  This is to ensure the security and safety of both your data and hardware and will also mean you'll be able to undertake any necessary interactions with your system. Rest assured, your information and customer data are always safe as everything is stored by us in the Azure servers. Keeping your PC with you is an extra essential measure during a lockdown.

Step 2. Perform an internet backup before you leave the shop. This is just to be certain that the most up to date data is stored safely. You can do this by going into Utilities (from the Main Menu), and clicking on Internet Backup.

Step 3If you are unable to take your PC home, please leave the power on (and internet connection) for your Terminal 1 PC. This is especially important for those with MULTISITE operations, and will enable live data to be accessed across all of your sites.

Step 4. Use the Hub to access your key reports. Now's the perfect time to familiarise yourself with the tools in our online Hub. Over the last few months, we've moved more and more features into the cloud and you can now access key reports from anywhere, and on any device. Check out more information here: https://www.crossovertec.co.uk/xpos-moving-online/

If you have any queries please get in touch with us at any time by direct messaging any of our accounts on Twitter or LinkedIn. If you would like immediate advice, please email our Support Team on support@crossovertec.co.uk or click the CHAT button on our website.

Finally watch out for regular updates and advice from us over the next days and weeks.

Wishing you good health and stay safe during these difficult times.