Join Us at PGA HQ for a Retail Reboot

new retail cpd with XPOS at PGA Ping House


Did you expect to be in charge of a retail business when you pursued a career in golf? Probably not. Does the thought of tackling retail matters fill you with dread?  Being a successful retailer when you’re coaching golfers, managing a team and dealing with customers is possible. What’s more, the team at XPOS can show you how to make it very profitable, too.

How can you maximise opportunities from your retail business and make more money from the pro shop?  We want to take away the fear of decision-making with  the facts you need to grow your business.

In this interactive, friendly and confidence-boosting seminar, we’ll introduce the basics of retail and give you the tools you need to maximise opportunities from your pro shop.  We’ll also spend some time looking at the threats faced by golf shops in a the current retail landscape, as well as additional challenges brought on by the Pandemic, such as stock shortages.

You’ll learn how to adopt a 3-Step Plan to make your retail business more profitable while freeing up time for you to oversee other areas.

Your hosts on the day will be Mark Hopkins, Business Development Director at XPOS, and David Fulcher, Director of Golf at Edgbaston Golf Club (Advanced PGA Professional).

David had very little experience of retail before taking over his own pro shop 7 years ago. When he started to work with the team at XPOS and adopted the 3-Step Plan, he saw a huge increase in his bottom line: doubling profits each year for the first 3 years.  Learn how 3 easy steps can work for your business: helping to boost your turnover, increase profit and help you to spend less time in the shop. David will share his experience and what he did to achieve his aims in his retail business.

Whether you’re a PGA Professional at a private members golf club, proprietary golf club or high street retailer you’ll come away with a plan to achieve your aims in your retail business!


Course: Three Steps to Boost Profits this Year


  • Retail basics! What do you want to achieve in your retail business? We will identify your aims and goals and create a plan to achieve it
  • The key pieces of information you need to know in order to increase your profit and reduce risk
  • A case study example using David Fulcher’s business – the lessons learnt, how to increase your PROFIT and with your staff!
  • Industry challenges in a post-Pandemic world including how to address stock shortages
  • Develop a 3-Step Plan tailored to your retail business for the next 12 months.


  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your retail business using a retail scorecard
  • Apply the “Key Elements of Retail” to your business
  • Compare how your retail business is performing to the industry
  • Create and implement a 3-Step Plan
  • Take clear actions away with you to drive more profit in your retail business


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