“I nearly binned it”: PGA Pro Peter Roberts on XMAIL



"I nearly binned it but I'm so pleased I didn't. I was just having a clear out and deleting some direct debits, as you do", says Head PGA Pro Peter Roberts at Surbiton Golf Club, "I had just bought into XMAIL so hadn't seen the benefits yet, and thought maybe it was another payment I didn't need".

XMAIL's automated emails are based on previous purchases, ensuring intuitive, relevant communication to help drive footfall to the pro shop, build customer loyalty and, ultimately increase sales.

"I'm very glad I didn't stop XMAIL as all of a sudden I started to receive replies to may emails.  Even though my emails were automated, people didn't know that and saw them as a personal contact from me. I've had 45 or so replies to XMAIL emails from customers so far. That's 45 more touch points and 45 extra conversations with customers with whom I now have a better relationship. I think it's great".

Installed as a simple add-on to XPOS, your sales and stock management system, XMAIL knows what your customers want - guaranteeing personal offers, invitations and thank you's direct from the pro shop.  Read more about what XMAIL can do for your retail business here

Getting started couldn’t be simpler and can even be done over the phone. We’ll introduce you to a queue of already-written emails that you can approve; and we’ll help you personalise your campaigns with your own email signature and logo.

What’s more, our customer service team is always on-hand for advice and suggestions.