Go for Growth in 2024

PGA Monthly December 2023 Power Up your Pro Shop


Get ready to say goodbye to the old and usher in the new. The start of a New Year isn’t just a day in the calendar. It’s a great opportunity to cultivate new habits, refine strategies and commit to cutting-edge software solutions that will help your business to optimise every opportunity.

December's PGA Monthly is out this week. Read our article in full here.


The ‘B’ Word

A key hallmark of a growing business is the ability to consistently increase revenue year on year. Planning for the year ahead enables you to work to targets and achieve your goals by the end of 2024.  It’s also the best way to reduce stress levels, focus the team and improve productivity.

The easiest way to do this is to create a budget and, thankfully, you don’t need to be a maths expert to do it.

Keep it simple. Look at the reports in Xpos to check your existing turnover, % margin and stockturn and decide how much you’d like to grow during 2024.

Tip: Never plan to turnover the “same again”. As a minimum, you need to be growing more than inflation.

Using that information, download our popular budget planner (https://bit.ly/ShopBudget) which contains live calculations to make everything quicker and easier.


Go for Growth

Despite apprehension about what to order for next year, it’s vitally important that golf retailers continue to grow the business.

Your new budget planner will highlight how much you need to be turning over every month. This is key.

Next, look at the shop and club’s annual calendar and work with your team to plan how you could aim to hit those numbers. Your plan could include new product releases, club events, golf competitions and fitting days, and it’s your job is to maximize the potential of each of those.

Embracing the latest technology is essential if you want your business to stay competitive, enhance customer experiences and streamline processes in the rapidly changing retail landscape. To help you on this journey, Xpos is now inviting all its UK golf retailers to switch to the latest cloud software.


Xpos retail expert Mark Hopkins wants retailers to embrace innovation for the long-term

“For years we’ve been advising our retailers to invest in their business, plan for growth, and stay relevant. With the release of the Xpos online software, you could say we’re putting our money where our mouth is and doing exactly what we advise our pro shops.”

“To create the new system, we took the best bits from Xpos, upgraded them and developed the new software to meet the future head on”.

“A future-proof sales and stock system, which will enable our retailers to grow profitable businesses, is best gift we can give them”.


Case study: James Crawford, Head PGA Professional Waterlooville Golf Club

James Crawford

James runs the retail operation across two sites and works with his professional team of 6 members of staff.  James has used Xpos since 2010 and is a strong advocate.

“Compared to other ePos systems, the depth of reports in Xpos is far better. I use them to help me identify if I’m buying badly and how to plan better”.

“When it comes to growing the business in 2024, keeping up with the latest retail technology is important.  Upgrading to the cloud was easy and I was surprised how quick the data migration was. The Xpos technicians were very helpful and it took no time to get used to the new functionality. The reports are even better than the ones I was using previously.”

“I was at my gym this morning and had full access to the till. It meant I could put some transactions through the system from the gym which is something I wouldn’t have been able to do before”.

“I’m looking forward to the integrated payments in Xeft and the fact we’ll be able to send split payments to different accounts across the club will be a game changer. We currently have two card machines: one for retail and one for club. Plus the coaches have to currently use their own.  Using just one card machine will save us money and just makes more sense”.


All UK pro shops are now invited to book their switch to the cloud.  Power up your pro shop this winter for a successful 2024. Book your slot cloud@xpos.co.uk