Managing Your XPOS Caddie App in the Hub


We’ve now added XPOS Caddie to your account so you’ll be able to view the Caddie admin areas in the Hub. Simply log on to hub.crossovertec.co.uk.

To manage all aspects of your Caddie app, visit the left-hand navigation in the Hub and click Sales to see Reserve & Collect orders or Products to manage items available in your app store. By clicking Communications, you'll also be able to send SMS updates to your app users.

If you haven’t logged onto the Hub before, watch this video (click here) or click the CHAT button on our website for a reminder of your login details.

“The XPOS Caddie app means my shop is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. One customer reserved a pair of trousers at 3am in the morning and came in during the day to collect them. I actually made money when I was asleep!”

David Twizell, Head PGA Pro, Whitley Bay Golf Club

Let XPOS Caddie Come to Life!

Hit the ground running when the app goes ‘live’! Here’s what we are asking you to do now:


You can populate the My Pro Shop area in the app with information about your shop business and professional team.  It’s a chance to introduce the business, remind members of your services and display contact details.

  1. You’ll need good quality head and shoulder shots of the pro shop staff
  2. A logo for your shop business
  3. A good quality background landscape image
  4. Prepare 2-4 sentences to introduce the shop business
  5. There’s also the option to upload a You Tube video to the app to introduce your shop and explain your services. It’s optional but we’d really recommend it.


The following videos will help you to get started and personalise the My Pro Shop area.
It is especially important to watch Video 2 to customise your app options.

Introduction to your XPOS Caddie App

Getting Started in XPOS Caddie

Adding the Pro Shop Team


For an item to appear in the Caddie app, there are 2 key elements that every product must have:

  • It must be in stock
  • It must have an image against it

The stock levels are live from your shop.  The images are ones that we've added to XCODES over the past 6 months but you may still notice that some are missing.

To see how many of your products have stock and images, you can download the app and look for yourself!


  1. You'll need to add yourself to your XPOS customer database using the same email as you use for the Hub
  2. Download the XPOS Caddie app and create a new customer using that same email and a new password
  3. Once you've confirmed the email, you should be able to login and view all products that have stock and that we already have an image for within XCODES
  1. If you notice any missing key products, you can either:
    1. Let us know and we’ll put them in for you. Please email details including style number (if possible) or product descriptions. "All Under Armour" won't be that useful.  Depending on workload, we should be able to turn this around in a day or so.
    2. Add the products yourself. You’ll notice that your logo items don’t appear in the app. This is because they are personal to your business.  You can add these (and any other products) to the app using the instructions in Step 4, below.


You’ll notice that logo items don’t appear in the app. This is because they are personal to your business.  Please use the videos here as a guide to uploading products manually.

Remember, you only need to add images yourself if you have logo products or items that are older than 6-12 months. If you have products that are newer than this, please contact us (mark.hopkins@crossovertec.co.uk) and we will add the images for you!

How to run your Reserve & Collect service

Add images and descriptions to products

How to Manage Groups and Sub-Groups


Brands. We have been working hard to ensure that the Brands are happy for you to display their products within your Reserve & Collect stores. In order to continue this relationship, we have ensured that the app:

  • Will only display items you have in stock
  • Can only be used by customers who have an email address in your XPOS customer database

There are 2 exceptions to this rule:

  1. TaylorMade has only allowed us to display products without a sales price. In this instance, app users can contact the pro shop directly for an item price
  2. Cobra/Puma have not yet permitted us to display their products so you’ll be unable to add these to your Reserve & Collect shop at this time. In the meantime, we will continue to work with the brand to get them onboard

Marketing your XPOS Caddie app

You're ready to push XPOS Caddie out to your customer base. Now what?

Our marketing experts have put together some useful tips and tools to get your started.

We look forward to helping you to get started on the Caddie app by adding your final products and hope to hear from you in the next few days.

If you have any queries in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact the following:

"How to" questions support@crossovertec.co.uk

Marketing your app jules.appleby@crossovertec.co.uk

Anything else mark.hopkins@crossovertec.co.uk.

With all good wishes

The XPOS Team