Enjoy a host of new benefits to boost your business

Xpos retailers are invited to make the switch to the new online software

Everybody's doing it!

Xpos retailers are making the move to the new online software.  Keep your existing hardware and enjoy fantastic benefits including improved voucher control, better discounting options and digital receipts! 


Access Xpos anywhere

Xpos is now cloud based and accessible from anywhere in the world on any PC or tablet with a browser (including Macs).


Quick Account/Competition payments

Credit multiple accounts from one screen.

Perfect for competition winning management.


One screen wonder

Sell vouchers, credit accounts and refund all from the same screen.


Flexible payment types

You'll no longer be stuck with fixed payment options (ie Cheque, BACS etc).

Select which payments are displayed and even create your own (ie Paypal, Klarna)


Images everywhere

View product images in the Sales and Product screens.


Xcodes: same product detail with much less hassle

When searching for products, you can now highlighting and prioritise items.

Only see what you are scanning in when creating products (ie no need to see all sizes and colours of a product).


Flexible data

Create your own collections of products (ie Spring/Summer).

Share the same barcode across multiple products (ie logo and plain product can share the same barcode).

Move brands between different suppliers.



All things Xcaddie are now built into Xpos for easier, more intuitive management.


Digital Receipts, Vouchers, Statements

No need for paper receipts – email receipts at point of sale.


Keep your hardware

Works with TMT88 and TMT20 printers, cash drawers and existing barcode scanners.

No local Xpos installation: works through browser.


Improved discounting options

Create campaigns that are limited by time, and can be set based on anything from Supplier, Product Group, Customer or even location!


Improved Voucher control

Record voucher numbers and usage.

Create expiry dates.

Email digital vouchers for more security and traceability.


Interactive Reports

Drill down through the data with flexible, interactive reporting.


Email cloud@xpos.co.uk to book your slot today!