Ditch the Paperwork with our Faster Scanners


Ditch the paperwork and take the hassle out of stocktaking with our smartphone app and next generation scanner. Save hours of time and forget your paper stock sheets as you scan items as you walk around the shop.

This clever app wirelessly downloads your stocktake from XPOS onto your phone. Then, you simply scan your stock and send the results back to XPOS, where they will all be matched up.

Using Bluetooth technology, you can use your smartphone alongside a next generation bar code scanner which allows you to share a stocktake with a colleague enabling more than one person to do a stocktake at the same time.

It's quick, secure and takes the hassle out of stocktaking. You don’t even need a continuous connection between your phone and XPOS - so even if Wi-Fi or phone coverage is bad, it won't affect your data.

Quick Tip: Smaller, frequent stocktakes are better than one big stocktake, keeping your system and reports up to date.