How we helped Harpenden Common Golf Club

Harpenden Common Golf Club is a lively golf club near St Albans with over 600 members and a lovely parkland course that was extended in 1996 with the help of ex Ryder Cup player and honorary member, Ken Brown.

Rob Leonard, is a PGA Professional and Harpenden Common’s Head Pro. He has successfully run the club’s pro shop since 2012. Like many pros Rob also has a range of other club responsibilities and faces considerable time pressure.

“With XPOS I go into meetings with product reps properly prepared and make the best possible buying decisions. No one wants excess stock. My goal is never to need a sale rail again.”

Rob Leonard, Head Pro

The Challenge

This was Rob’s first retail venture. Having worked hard to get the business up and running, he realised he needed stronger processes and greater control if he was to successfully grow it further and expand into more shops.

How we responded

Rob had been using XPOS to help run his business from the word go. However, his team had grown comfortable using it more as a basic till and he felt he wasn’t able to make the most its potential to help his business.

One of our retail consultants travelled to Harpenden to visit Rob and his team and provide some additional onsite training...

“Crucially, it wasn’t just software training; it was commercial and dealt with the broad things I need to be doing to move my business forward and how I can best use XPOS to support me in these things.”

To improve the quality of his product data and hence his reports, Rob was convinced to try our XCODES product.

“The new industry product database, XCODES, is a great idea and is now making it easy for me to update XPOS with the cost price and full manufacturer details of new products. Product creation has never been so simple.”

With product creation taken care of, Rob could now spend more time keeping track of his stock using our new XAPP software.

“Being able to use our phones to scan items’ barcodes and update XPOS with actual stock levels has made it a lot easier to do stocktakes saving me time and money.”

With his new site now up and running, Rob is using XPOS more than ever to move his business forward.

“Crossover was there when I needed them. The additional onsite training they provided was really good and commercial not just software training. I’m now in a good place again to press on and continue to grow my business.”

Rob Leonard, Head Pro