How Working with XPOS Grew my Business

David Fulcher is an Advanced PGA Golf Professional and the Director of Golf at Edgbaston GC in Birmingham where he runs the pro shop and is a busy head coach. We started working with David after he took on the shop in early 2015.

“The training and insight has helped us nearly double our turnover and we’re on track for 50% growth next year.”

David Fulcher, Director of Golf

The Challenge

Like many golf professionals, David had only limited retail experience when he took on the running of his shop and was cautious, having been told how challenging it can be to run a golf retail business.

An immediate priority was to quickly build on his existing retail knowledge and skills to maximise his chances of success – “I knew that getting the right training tailored to my needs was going to be critical”

How we responded

David started his retail journey with XPOS already in place but asked to work closely with the experts at XPOS to really get to grips with what he needed to do:

From our first training day in 2015, we learnt how to run the shop as a business. It wasn’t just a training session showing us how to use XPOS, rather insights into how to use the information XPOS provides. I got a far better understanding as to why certain things happen in a retail environment, including tips on how to best manage stock and profit margins specifically in the context of golf retail.

David was soon able to identify the business’ key performance indicators using the reports within XPOS.  This allowed him to streamline his business and keep stock holding to a minimum.

Within just 9 months, David was on track:

“It's easy to see how the shop has improved in terms of turnover and profit since we started using XPOS. We can now identify which manufacturers are not as beneficial for us to work with and which are best to work with to help maximise profit, while minimising risk.”

As a consequence, David was able to maintain a stock turn of greater than 6: which meant that while his stock holding was minimal, he was able to improve turnover, reduce discounts and increase margins.

He continues to take advantage of regular Business Health Reviews to push his business even further:

“One of the benefits of working with the XPOS team is that they know what a good golf shop looks like so are well-placed to identify what we need to improve on.”

“It’s not just about the software, it’s everything else that comes with XPOS: the tools and insights that all enhance my retail knowledge and help me take action to build a better business.”

David Fulcher, Director of Golf