Any golf shop using XPOS for its sales and stock solutions can register.

Members or customers who have an email address in the pro shop customer database will be able to use the app and sync with your shop.

No, the XPOS Caddie app is free to download and use.

The app is free for retail customers who pay for XPOS on a monthly contract.  However, if you previously paid for your XPOS software upfront and now only pay for maintenance (usually customers who signed up before 2017), there is a small additional charge of £20 per month. Contact sales@crossovertec.co.uk to confirm.

Yes, you can still sign up your pro shop with the app but to enjoy the full benefits, especially the Reserve and Collect feature, you’ll need to add XCODES to your account. XCODES is our live product directory of 1.5 million items from 220+ leading sports brands which feeds directly into your XPOS system. Not only does XCODES enable retailers to enjoy faster, more accurate stock management, it will also automatically populate your shop’s XPOS Caddie app with images and web descriptions – creating a love-looking, well stocked online shop for you.

Not at all. There may be a bit more work upfront but this hasn’t stopped many of our retailers from enjoying the benefits of the app.

When a shop customer downloads the app, if they cannot create an account using their email address, it’s likely that you either don’t have their email on your database, or they’re trying to create an account with a different one.   If customers know how to contact you if this happens, once you add the correct email address, they can continue to create their XPOS Caddie account and download the app.

You can now use the Hub to remotely add or edit customer email addresses to your XPOS database. What’s more, because the Hub is online, you can do this anywhere, and on any smart device.


Yes! Tell us you’d like to register and we will add XPOS Caddie to your account. We’ll then do some basic set up for you to get you started.  It normally takes a few hours, or overnight, for your products to appear in the Reserve & Collect, but you should wake up the next day to a fully-stocked online shop!

There are usually just 3 reasons why this could be.

  1. Although we have thousands of products for the current season available, we can’t guarantee that we’ll have every image for every product. If the product doesn’t have an image attributed to it in XCODES, it won’t appear in the app. In this instance, please send us the product details, including style number, and our XCODES team will add it for you as quickly as possible. You’ll then see the product in your online shop.

Please note, if products are pre-2020 season, you’ll need to add these items manually.  See this video for a guide to adding your own products.

  1. Service, personalised, or logo’d, items won’t appear in the app as they aren’t in XCODES but you can add these yourself via the Hub as above.
  2. Cobra Puma items: due to additional stipulations, we are working with them to design a method of being able to sell these without raising an order – watch this space!
  3. TaylorMade does not allow us to publish prices of items so you’ll see a POA on these items.

That’s easy. Just add your own email to your customer database and download the app in the usual way and create your account.

Important: if you’re using the same email as your Hub login, you’ll also need to use the same password, and click Sign In, rather than Create Account. 

Everything you need to manage your shop’s app is accessed via the left-hand navigation in the Hub www.hub.crossovertec.co.uk.  Here, you can do everything from setting up your app, create a great-looking My Pro Shop area to adding caveat items in your new online store. See our video guide for more setting up the XPOS Caddie app in the Hub.

More help:

Adding Golf Pro’s to My Pro Shop area video

How to run your Reserve & Collect service video

How to add images and products to Reserve & Collect store video

How to manage Groups and Sub-Groups video


There’s a small check list to ensure you’re ready to tell customers about the app.

  1. Do a full stocktake of the shop. Remember, a product will only automatically appear if it is in XCODES and in stock. That also means that if a product style has no variants in stock, it will be removed from the app. A stock take will ensure that you launch the app with as many items as possible in your Reserve & Collect feature
  2. Go through each area of the Reserve & Collect feature to make sure you’re happy with the groups and items on display. Ensure every item has a price (with the exception of TaylorMade as above)
  3. Go through the Settings in the Hub to ensure each area is completed and the right boxes ticked.
  4. The My Pro Shop area is a great way to connect with customers so make sure this is fully-completed. Don’t forget to launch with a new video (in the My Pro Shop feature) to introduce the app and showcase new products on display in the shop.

If you’re short on customer emails in XPOS, spend some time now to update your database before you go ‘live’ with your XPOS Caddie app. You could use your buying group’s customer list or talk to the Club for an up-to-date list of members.

Don’t forget that you can now add or edit customer email addresses on the Hub

A bit of time spent before you launch to update your database will save a lot of time further down the line.


We have a host of marketing tips and tools available for you, including social media images, leaflets, digital QR code, email templates and video ideas. Check out the Marketing Your XPOS Caddie App page here

Once downloaded, a customer will have the option to either Create Account or Sign In. The first time they login, they must click Create Account. It will then prompt them for an email address and to create a secure password.

The email must match the one that is held in your XPOS customer database, and the password must be secure (ie. contain a capital letter, special character and a number).

If your customer is struggling to create an account, it’s likely that you either don’t have their email on your database, or it doesn’t match the email address the customer is using to create an account. You can use the Hub to check that the email exists and it is also worth double checking for spelling mistakes at both ends!

If customers know how to contact you when they’re creating an account for the first time, you just need to add the correct email address in the hub and they’ll be able to connect with your pro shop in the app.

Keeping users coming back to use the app time and time again is key to the app’s success. Your golfers should see the app as “the pro shop in their pocket” and it’s your job to remind them to use it.  Social media, emails, posters in the shop, face to face requests and push notifications should form part of your plan to optimise this fantastic new tool for your business. You’ll find more tips for keeping members engaged on the app in our marketing page (see above).

We’ll also be launching new features over the coming weeks and months to give them even more reason to come back, including direct links to lesson booking options


Where do customers go to see their account statement?

Users will see their account balance at the top of the menu on the front screen and in the My Account feature.

What can customers see on their account statement?

When customers click on My Account and then click on their Balance, they will see up to 12 months of purchase history.

Can we switch off the statement?

At the moment, pro shops can’t opt out of the statement but it may be something we offer in the future if there is a high demand.

How do I get lesson bookings added to the App?

This feature is coming so watch this space. If you’re interested, please contact us to get early access!

How do Push Notifications work?

From the Communications tab in the Hub, you can send a SMS text to everyone who has downloaded the app. It’s a great way to remind customers to visit their XPOS Caddie app. Use push notifications to send a short message to invite users to an event, announce a new product range in store or great new feature in the app.

At the moment, these messages can only be broadcast to all of your app users.

How much information should I put in the My Pro Shop section?

The My Pro Shop section helps remind your customers of what you and your team can offer them in terms of expertise and services. Try to complete this with as much information as possible. We’re also looking to be able to link online lesson diaries directly to each Professional from this section – so it will be a popular section to access!


You can now see many XPOS reports in the online Hub. To see how many customers have downloaded the XPOS Caddie app, go to the Hub > Reports > Admin > XPOS Caddie.

More reports including details on who is accessing coming very soon.

If you have any queries about marketing your XPOS Caddie app, or would like more suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact jules.appleby@crossovertec.co.uk, who’ll be delighted to help you.

This is just the start of the journey for XPOS Caddie

With more exciting features on their way, we are sure this will be a fantastic dimension to your shop business and we are delighted to have you on board.