New Xcaddie explainer video for retailers using Xpos online

Sometimes there just isn't time for golfers to explore your pro shop, or chat to the shop team before they tee off.

The Xcaddie app puts your pro shop in your shop customers' pockets, giving them a 24/7 view of stock, in-app lesson booking, a real-time view of their account balance and purchase history, and more.

Xcaddie is available to retailers using the new online version of Xpos.  If you're waiting for your upgrade, you can look forward to sharing this fun, animated film with your golfers.

With Xcaddie, customers can enjoy:

✔ A real-time view of account balance

✔ Easy account balance top-up feature

✔ Automated Reserve & Collect in-app store

✔ Seamless golf lesson booking system within the app

✔ Voucher purchase & gifting via email to friends

✔ SMS texts straight from the pro shop with up to date news and announcements

To book your upgrade to the cloud, email today.

When you're ready to launch your new Xcaddie app, this video will give your marketing efforts a welcome boost!

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