Better data means better business decisions


As retail professionals, we know how important it is to be able to produce the right reports that show how your business is performing so that you can adapt your business strategy accordingly.

Using an EPOS systems such as XPOS is so much more than just having a till and software. The issue for many pros is that they don’t always realise this and truly understand the data that the system can produce.

We recently visited one of our customers, Peter Hancox at Chippenham Golf Centre, to find out more about how having better data means he has been making better business decisions.

“We couldn’t have grown year on year to the extent that we have without having the reporting in place and this valuable information at our fingers tips,”

explains Peter Hancox the Pro at Chippenham Golf Centre.

“As a growing business and having taken on a further business recently, we really value the reports and data that XPOS gives us. What’s more, having taken the time to explore and learn it means that it gives me all the information I need to make better decisions as the business grows.

“We really do understand that ‘good information in, means good information out.’ The reports you get from XPOS either confirm or challenge that gut feeling you have about what is working or what isn’t selling; its there in black and white. So, if it’s not working then you need to fix it. The reports we look at identify our gross margin and which lines are growing and not growing and allow us to address this regularly.

“It also highlights the importance of keeping control of capital spend at all times. When I took on another business this became even more important as I can’t be there in person all the time but I can still understand what is happening every week.”

Better data really does mean better decisions. Crossover Technologies Training Manager, Rebecca Brown, advises that all pros keep an up-to-date database to make sure they’re seeing the right numbers and therefore making the right buying decisions when it comes to selecting new stock. A clean database guarantees that you have the information you need to make the best decisions for your business using your XPOS system.

Peter goes on to say;

“XAPP is a great addition and makes the stock taking service much slicker and quicker. It also makes it much easier to delegate to the team, which is a great addition when you are time-poor.

“We find that it’s a really important tool for us to use on quieter days to allow us to keep up to speed, it gives the team something to do in a quieter period and ensures the systems are still running and being kept up to date.

"Better reporting has given us a great base to build on and an automated system that allows us the time to focus on growing the business.”