Personal Customer Service with XMAIL



As a Golf Professional, we know you're busy.  Running a retail business, coaching, overseeing a team and managing stock are just a handful of your daily responsibilities.  But if you don't have time for some of the essential tasks such as following up on sales with customers, how do you go about building loyalty and optimising sales from your members? This week we caught up with Stuart Disney from Mendip Golf Club about his loyal band of customers.

"We aren’t shy about collecting customer data, either at point of sale, or using the TGI customer newsletter card.  For any purchase over £5.00, we ask for the customer name and email address. We record the information against the sale in XPOS and then all customers receive some form of email follow up from us after making a purchase in the shop", says Stuart.

XMAIL is a simple email communication tool that can easily be added-on to our sales system, XPOS. We  introduced Stuart and the team to some pre-written email templates and they've since created their own, too.  See what Stuart says about what difference XMAIL has made.

"Before we started to use XMAIL, we just didn't have the time to focus on bringing people back to the shop, or building loyalty among our customers.  Anyone who bought a set of golf clubs was offered 2 free lessons, which I know was appreciated, and then we tried to book in a follow up phone call 6 months later to ask how the clubs were doing.

The trouble was that I just found I was too busy and I know some customers were put out that they'd spent quite a lot of money in the shop, and then heard nothing from us.  It was frustrating that I couldn't give them the personal service I wanted to.

With XMAIL, customers receive an email depending on what they bought in the shop.  So a shoe purchase will mean they receive a 'thank you' along with some shoe care tips.  We're not trying to sell to customers: just look after them and let them know we're here to help.  It's sound advice and simple stuff.

With XMAIL, most sales result in a ‘thank you’ from the pro shop and customers love it!  It keeps us front of mind and many customers come back to buy additional products as a result.  One member purchase a club.  He then came in 3 days later, commented on the "thoughtful" thank you email he'd received and bought another loft without quibbling on price.  The emails raise the bar and keeps us front of mind.

XMAIL is one of the best things we've done that's made a difference and has brought in thousands of pounds of additional income over the last year.




Find out more information about XMAIL here and see for yourself what XMAIL emails look like.  Sign up to XMAIL via your XPOS screen or email us for more information.   At only £15.00 per month, it's a great value game-changer in retail communications.