Terms & Conditions

Sales and Installation

All new customers must receive a minimum of one day’s training per product before using the software.

We will need to install the software for you. This can be done remotely or on-site. There will be a charge for this installation and training.

All new customers must be available for follow up calls after installation as this allows us to be sure you are setup correctly and able to use our products effectively. This is free of charge.

It is the responsibility of all customers to send off their hardware warranty registration documentation where relevant at the point of installation.

An installation will only be completed once the deposit has been paid.

All customers must pay their first instalment within 7 days of installation.


We will only support customers that use hardware compatible with the Crossover Technologies products. The compatible retail hardware is:

  • Receipt printer (Thermal): Epson TM-T88III, TMT-T88IV, & TMT-T88V, TM-T70, TM-T20ii;
  • Receipt printer (Slip): TM-H6000III
  • Receipt printer for Kitchen (Impact): TMU 210D, TMU220D
  • Barcode scanner: Metrologic MS9520/MS9540, 1200g
  • Label printer: Zebra LP2844, Zebra GK420D, or Epson TM-L90
  • Chip and PIN: Ingenico IPP350, contracted with Merchant Provider
  • Till Drawer: Must be compatible with Receipt Printer listed above
  • XAPP: Works only with Android (min. Kit Kat 4.4 or above) and Apple (min. iOS 8 or above )
  • XAPP PRO Scanner: Socket Mobile 7ci
  • Monitor (touchscreen or TFT): must be compatible with PC, min resolution for new Product Screen is 1366 x 768
  • A4 Printer: must be compatible with PC

This hardware can be purchased directly by the customer or can be supplied through Crossover Technologies.

Customers who purchase hardware through a third party supplier, and not through Crossover Technologies, must ensure that the hardware complies with the minimum specifications listed for Crossover Technologies products and is compatible with the Crossover Technologies products.

The minimum specification for PC hardware is:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3/i5 or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Hard disk: 250GB free space

Operating system, Anti-Virus Software & Emails

All Windows users using Crossover Technologies products must have Administrator rights on the computer and/or passwords to servers, routers, etc.

It is recommended that no computer running Crossover Technologies products is allowed to use ‘streams’ like Spotify, radio etc.

The recommended operating system is:

  • Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (32bit or 64bit)
  • Windows 10 (32bit or 64bit)

Crossover Technologies does not support Windows XP

For customers wanting other software products to work alongside or interface with Crossover Technologies products, please contact the Support Team for advice.

Anti-Virus Software

Crossover Technologies’ recommend that you install an anti-virus software package on your computer such as AVG Business Edition.


A user should only use an email account that they have full control over for business purposes. This control should include knowledge of any/all security measures in place, the location that emails and email addresses are stored, and appropriate backup procedures. Typically, this will not include any free email accounts or ones provided as part of broadband or television deals. It will typically involve either running your own email/exchange server locally at your site, or paying a small monthly fee to a reputable company based in the same country as the user and hence beholden to the same legal obligations.

This only applies with emails for working with XPOS, you can use a different email address for other business use.

Support and Maintenance

The Crossover Technologies Support Team is not responsible for installing/fixing networks, routers, anti-virus programs, firewalls, etc.

The Crossover Technologies Support Team will not be responsible for helping customers who have a computer which is older than 3 years.

Crossover Technologies recommends you use clean power mains, UPS Devices or power surge protectors.

Crossover Technologies does not accept any liability for any corruption to software or hardware caused by power surges, spikes and or power cuts.

All customers are required to have support for the first 12 months from the date of installation.

After the first year, customers need to inform us 3 months in advance if support and maintenance from Crossover Technologies is no longer required.

Support and maintenance monthly payments must be paid via direct debit.

Crossover Technologies Support is closed on Christmas Day (25th Dec), Boxing Day (26th Dec) and New Year’s Day (1st Jan) and other national bank holidays.

Payment Terms

Payment should be made in full to Crossover Technologies within 30 days of the date of invoice.

Under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1988, statutory interest will be charged at 8% above the Bank of England Base Rate on any overdue amount. This interest will be applied after 60 days from the date of the invoice.

Support and Maintenance Policy for customers

The Crossover Technologies standard level of support includes:

  • Access to our expert and friendly helpdesk
  • Quick response times
    • In the event of a problem, we will acknowledge receipt of your request within 3 hours, and will provide a resolution plan shortly afterwards.
  • Assistance and general help with running our software products
    • Basic training on how to set-up and use the product.
    • General bug fixing.
    • Help with correcting errors in the system data.
    • Assistance with the transfer of Crossover Technologies product data. Where transfer of other data is required, there may be a charge.
    • Assistance with the completion of back-ups and restoration of data in the event of a problem.
    • Installation of software onto the initial hardware and re-installation of the software in the event of a problem. Please note there may be a charge for installation of software onto additional machines that were not identified as part of the initial configuration set-up.
  • Operating environment
    • Support on your operating environment, such as your computer’s operating system and hardware, to a reasonable level. Please note that where the issue or fault is found to exist within the operating environment and not within the Crossover Technologies software, the end user will be referred to the manufacturer of the operating environment.
  • Internet back-ups
    • Storage of internet back-ups on a Crossover Technologies secure server, and the restoration of this data back onto your system in the event of a problem. The following back-ups are retained for a period of one rolling year:
  • The two most recent backups, irrespective of date
  • All backups made in the last 7 days
  • Back-ups made on the last day of the month
    • Back-ups made on the 4th and 5th April are kept for 2 rolling years
  • Regular updates
    • Regular updates to the XPOS software including bug fixes, new features and system improvements. Please note that there will be a charge for adding extra licenses and for upgrading to entirely new versions of the software.

Hardware Warranty

Where hardware is purchased through Crossover Technologies it normally comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. In some cases, this warranty can be extended if the registration card is submitted by the customer at the time of installation. Please note where the warranty is not pre-registered it is the responsibility of all customers to send off their hardware warranty registration documentation.

The warranty of hardware not purchased through Crossover Technologies is the responsibility of the customer, and not Crossover Technologies.

Hardware on-site service

Crossover Technologies have partnered with a national, hardware support company to provide an on-site hardware warranty service. This is an optional, additional support package for your hardware that will provide breakdown, repair and replacement for your hardware. This is a chargeable service.

A number of service offerings are available, including seven day support. Support is available for all your hardware requirements, such as PC, monitor, server, receipt printer, till drawer and barcode scanner.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, please contact the Crossover Technologies support team who will help you arrange this cover.

Additional support packages available:

Seven day support. Support can be purchased from 9am to 5pm, seven days a week, for those who want Emergency cover at the weekends. This cover also provides support on bank holidays except Christmas, New Year and Easter when the support desk is closed.

Multisite hosting and support. The Multisite service allows the transport of data between sites. This charge includes hosting and support per site.

Web Connect hosting and support. Provision of stock and product data for use on customer’s own ecommerce sites. This charge includes hosting and support for this service.

Data management. Support in entering data into a Crossover Technologies product or exporting data from a product. This may incur a charge depending on the level of any development required. Please contact the support team for a quote.

Further training and assistance can be purchased by the hour. This training can be provided remotely, via phone or email, or through an on-site visit, at an additional charge.

Loan hardware. In the event of a hardware failure, Crossover Technologies may be able to provide loan hardware at a charge dependent on the hardware required. Please contact the support team to request this loan hardware. The charge will include delivery and collection charges. Where the hardware is returned to us in an unusable condition, additional charges may apply.