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Crossover Technologies - the Total Management Solution Provider

Electronic point of sale systems (EPOS) have been an essential part of every successful large retailer’s business for over twenty years. However, smaller retailers have been slow to take advantage of the opportunities - EPOS was often considered too expensive and too complicated to implement.

Crossover Technologies changes all that. Our systems can be utilised by everyone from the small, one till shop, all the way up to large, multisite retailers and Clubs. Our cost effective, integrated systems can be optimised to suit your environment and are proven to generate significant financial benefits. We have an extensive range of products which can cater for any type of customer, from simple point of sale solutions to multi-site fully integrated club systems. All our systems are backed up by a dedicated support centre, and are continually evolving to provide a system that works hard for your business. To prove a point, have a look at what some of our 1000 customers think on our CASE STUDIES page.

Constantly ensuring we keep up with the latest technologies, new innovations such as the Points4Golf, XCodes (Download Product information directly into your system), and Stock Trac systems continue to bring our Customers new ways of making their businesses more profitable and yet easier to run. Meanwhile, integration with the likes of Paxton systems and Impact Data mean that we can cover all the needs of a modern business in one easy-to-use system.

For information on our XCodes software and how it will revolutionise your system: CLICK HERE